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M J Textiles


The remarkable growth of MJ Textiles over the last few years makes me feel proud, not only as the owner but also as a member of one of the most hard working and dedicated teams. We are accountable not only to our customers, but also to our employees and the environment that needs to be sustained to ensure that every employee can work to the best of their ability and their actions are just and ethical. In order to satisfy our customers, we focus on quality and productivity. Keeping customer’s requirements at utmost priority, we centralize all our efforts into providing value for the customer’s money.

We look forward to grab more opportunities that come our way and work more efficiently and effectively, not only to be recognized in Pakistan but also to play an important role in the textile business all over the world.

Our Vision

We look forward to exploit new opportunities and be able to offer a wide range of home textile products including bed, bath and other wearing apparels in order to play a meaningful role in the economy of Pakistan as well as the international textile market.

Our Mission

We believe in equipping our human resource with highly skilled professionals in order to achieve our goals effectively. For our customers, we make sure to leave no stone unturned till they get maximum satisfaction and we as a team ensure that we have something unique and valuable to offer to distinguish ourselves from the many others.